Our Pastors.

Pastors Tom & Vicki Leuther

Pastors Tom & Vicki Leuther met in Bible College and have been working together in the ministry since 1983. Their family of four has expanded with grandchildren to a family of ten.  They have a passion to help people find their purpose and destiny in God.  Through Pastors Tom and Vicki, and FWCCOMO, many are discovering their God-given gifts and talents and are being commissioned to carry out the plan of God for their lives. Pastor Tom and Vicki Leuther consider it a privilege to be your pastor- a responsibility they acknowledge as an integral and life-changing role in the lives of others.

Dr. Tom Leuther earned his doctorate degree in Pastoral Theology in 2010. He has had the privilege to travel domestically and internationally to spread the gospel. Pastor Tom has authored two books and is currently in the process of finishing his third book entitled "Help! I've Been Hurt by my Church".
Vicki Leuther operates in the office of a prophet and ministers at FWCCOMO alongside her husband. She has been invited to speak at conferences and in churches around the world.