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at FWCCOMO, our mission is to build you up in your God-given assignment, equip you with knowledge and revelation, and train you to go out; to do, be and say what God has called you to

For His
For His
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Next Steps

Becoming a member is much more than consistent attendance to a church service. Being a member at FWCCOMO means that you agree with and support our tenets of faith, are committed to praying for and lifting up our pastors and church leadership; and are willing to take steps towards your calling by serving in your local ministry.

Step 1. Watch Pastor Tom's Video Series

Video 1

Get an in-depth look at what FWCCOMO is all about and why membership may be the right next step for you.
Duration: 23 minutes

Video 2

Learn about the core values and beliefs of FWCCOMO. As well as how you can support and become and integral part our the church.
Duration: 21 minutes

Video 3

Learn about how FWCCOMO became established, as well as our covering, advisory board and accountability partners.
Duration: 11 minutes

Step 2. Sign your Membership Agreement
Step 3. Receive your membership certificate!

A member of the FWCCOMO Leadership will be in touch soon to present you with your certificate.
We are so excited that you are taking this step with us!