Dan Salas Ministries

We can choose to accept this Jesus as our Lord and Savior or we can reject Him. Personally, Jesus has literally transformed our lives in every area and we recommend that everyone open their hearts to the One who died for them. Since 1993 we, working as missionary/evangelists, have carried this message throughout Latin America. Our mission, to take the gospel to the poor and set the captives free, was inspired by the words of Jesus found in Luke 4:18. Our vision is to see thousands saved and living a victorious life to strengthen the church, equip leaders, and encourage new co-laborers in the Great Commission.

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Jack Harris Ministries

Jack Harris, world missionary and evangelist, is president of Global Messenger Service which he founded with his wife, Sherry. Since entering full-time ministry in 1976, Jack and Sherry have traveled all over the world holding crusades, planting churches and providing humanitarian aid to the poor. Jack has served as a teacher, and as a mentor and friend to pastors, leaders and missionaries from all walks of life. He counts it a privilege and an honor to help them strategize how to be more effective in reaching and discipling multitudes for Christ.

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We believe every person deserves the opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus and to have a Bible in their native language. Through International Missions we help plant new churches worldwide and partner with organizations that are translating the Bible into new languages.