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Jack + Sherry Harris

Missionary and Evangelists, Jack + Sherry Harris, founded Global Messenger Services: a missions organization focused on reaching unreached people groups with the message of Jesus Christ. Through their work, they empower leaders to reach nations, establish children's homes, clinics and hospitals; they plant wells and churches; adopt slums and provide food, vitamins and medical treatment to those adversely affected by natural disaster.

Jack + Sherry, and Global Messenger Service, have hosted over 200 crusades and even lived as missionaries in dozens of nations including: Mexico, Guatemala, India, Costa Rica, Kenya, Poland, Latvia, Ukraine, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Brazil.

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Dan + Cindy Salas

Dan + Cindy Salas founded Dan Salas Ministries, a missionary ministry that travels Latin America and the Caribbean preaching the gospel. Together, the have evangelized in prisons from Panama City to Peten, Guatemala. When natural disaster strikes, Dan Salas Ministries goes directly to the affected area and provides help to those in need, while ministering the love of Jesus.

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