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My Greatness is Increasing

Updated: Jan 24

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Pastor Vicki Leuther


You have not seen My greatness yet. But in this campaign, you are about to see My greatness. For I am pouring out My greatness to My people. So that in this hour they can demonstrate to this world who I am. For I have been disguised to the people of this world. They have seen Me in a way that I do not want them to see Me. I have been portrayed as an enemy instead of their God. But in this campaign that I am doing- in that I will show Myself strong in. And you will see, oh you will see, the prevailing grace that I have given to My church.

For my church in this hour has been hidden and seemed weak and beggarly. But in this campaign, in this campaign, you will see My power and My glory. For I will demonstrate who I am.

When the Egyptians thought, because they did not know me, they thought I could not do what I said I could do. But I proved them wrong. And they sank to the bottom of the sea. But in this campaign not only will I prove them wrong, but I will show My demonstration of mercy and grace.

For as the world turns to me- and those that are out that are lost, and even those that have made fun of My name, even those that have stood afar off and laughed at Me- they will see My mercy extended to them. They will see My grace upon their lives. And they will see My demonstrating power that will turn their lives around. Oh yes, I have told you: this is My campaign. This is what I’m doing in this hour.

Oh so just hold. Just hold steady. For I am setting things in place. And I will move as I’ve said I will move. And My glory, oh the glory that the Israelites saw and the glory that the early church saw, is not to be compared with My glory that fills the whole earth. For my glory, this time, will touch every crevice. It will touch every part of life. It will leave nothing uncovered. For My earth, yes I said My earth, will see the demonstration of My glory. For yes, as you sang this morning, great is your glory, yes. But wait till you see what I will do.

For My greatness, My greatness, yes, My greatness is increasing. When you read in My Word notice: they did not come or get delivered the first day. Nor the second day. Nor the third day. I worked My miracles. I worked My signs in the midst for all to see. But it did not bring deliverance the first day, or the second. I wanted the people to see and talk and wonder about who I am.

So church, just keep talking about Me. Keep praising and you will see. For the world will see. For I am God and there is no other. I’m a great God. I’m a good God. I’m an awesome God. And I’m a demonstrator.

January 2024 - PVL - My Greatness is Increasing
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