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  • Dr. Jerry Savelle

Now I Know

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Now I know.

Why is that so important? Because that is what I heard the Spirit of God say to tell your pastors today. This is a “Now I Know” moment. God is saying to you, Pastor Tom and Vicki, this is a “Now I Know” moment for you. You’ve demonstrated now, for 25 years, a life of faith; not just an act of faith, but a life of faith. Now I Know.

I announce to you that this is a “Now I Know” moment.

God is saying to you Pastors: not just an act of faith, but a life of faith. Amen.

This is a “Now I Know” moment. Not because of one time faith, but a life of faith. Tell Pastor Tom and Vicki: this is a “Now I Know” moment and some major breakthroughs are coming their way.

Today you are celebrating 25 years of a journey of faith. You’ve proven to God just like Abraham, you’re willing to trust Him completely and you’re willing to make whatever necessary sacrifices. And that you’ll never give up, until you’re completely satisfied that you have completed your God-given assignment. Amen. For this, we all salute you

In this “Now I Know” moment God is simply saying to you: you have given me evidence of just how much you trust me and are deeply committed to doing everything that I called you to do. And you will do it with great passion. I promise you that the things you have desired, that you haven’t spoken to many about, are about to come to pass.

You are going to experience a rapid and quicker manifestation of your faith, as never before. This is your “Now I Know” moment. You have entered a Divine Acceleration Season. God has seen your faith and things are going to happen at a much faster pace.

Mark 2:4 & 12. When Jesus saw their faith, it’s the same as the “Now I Know” moment. He knew Abraham would go all the way.

Divine Acceleration. Rapidly. When God sees your faith, not an act of faith, but a life of faith, then things start happening; start taking place rapidly. Immediately. More and more suddenlies. When you prove to God you won’t back off, you won’t back down. Get ready! Get ready! Get ready! Things are going to happen more and more quickly in your life. I encourage you to get ready for more and more immediatelies. To experience more and more and more suddenlies. God is honoring your steadfastness, and many shall see the blessing of God on your life and on the life of the people are that faithful to your calling.

Congregation People: they are going to be drawn to you. And many shall see how God is blessing you and this church. They will desire to join themselves to you and so they too, can learn through you the ways of God; and learn the life of faith, not just the acts of faith.

Your influence in this community is going to increase tremendously. And the goodness of God on your lives will be visible to more and more people. Which, in turn, is going to attract them to the God that you serve.

And God didn’t leave you all out. This is what I heard Him say:

“Tell them that a faithful man shall abound with blessings. A faithful man, in Psalm 92:13, it says ‘those who are planted I the house of the Lord shall flourish.’ That’s the word: Planted. Where you experience your greatest blessings is where God plants you. Let me encourage you this morning: don’t be a church hopper. God has a reason for you to be planted here. Faithfulness of God and faithfulness where you are planted. The faithful shall flourish where planted.

This doesn’t just apply to Pastors today. Stay where you’re planted until you hear, “Now I Know”. Remain loyal. Remain faithful- faithful to God and faithful where planted.

Laying on of Hands to Pastors:

I appreciate your faithfulness. Father, in the name of Jesus, we are honored to be in the presence of faithful people. Loyal, committed and dedicated people. It is rare in the world we live in today, but we’re witnessing it in this service this morning. And as you said to me last night and early this morning: Tell them this- “I said it is a Now I Know moment! And some major breakthroughs are headed their way”. I also heard him say, “Major shifting. Divine shifting is about to take place. Divine Influence in a greater way. Some people have known about you and are aware of where you are. But some people of greater means are about to become aware of it. And some finances are coming your way, for this ministry; from sources that have never given or supported you before. Now I Know is the reason these things will happen. Some divine reversals are about to take place. Things that were set in motion and looked like they would never change. But! Divine reversal is about to take place and God’s behind it.”

In the name of Jesus, I leave you with this: Your best days are not behind you. Your best days are just ahead of you.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. We receive all that you declared to us today, in the name of Jesus.

September 2022 - Dr. Jerry Savelle - Now I Know
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