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  • Pastor Vicki Leuther

This is a Movement

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

It's going to rise up on the inside of you. As My glory rises up on the inside of you, step out. Don’t hold back. For many of My people have held back over fear, over reaction over: reaction over what they would think. But I’m telling you this morning: you step out and you will see My hand and you will see Me use you in this hour. For it is the time for My hand to open up all the way. It’s time for My hand to move in the midst of its people. It’s time for My hand and it’s time for you to be the extension of My hands. I’ve anointed your hands. I’ve anointed your mouth. And as My glory is rising up, higher and higher and higher- step out in in it. Move in it. And you will see amazing results.

This is a movement that cannot be stopped. This is a movement. You either get in it or you’re going to be left out. It’s a movement and its gaining momentum. Its gaining momentum. It’s gaining momentum. It’s a movement. It’s a movement and it’s got power in it. Its going to sweep. It’s going to sweep the children. It’s going to sweep the teenagers. Its going to sweep every generation. A sweeping of the glory and presence of God. A move of God.

You’re released as carriers of the glory of God.

November 2022 - PVL - This is a Movement
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