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Church Not As Normal

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

This is for the church, but to the Pastor of the church and the ministry team…

We’ve entered into the next phase of the ministry and this phase will not be like other phases. This phase will be a place that you have never walked in before, never been mentored in before, and have never seen before. The phase we are entering into will bring glory and honor to My name. It will be much different than what you thought. It will be much different than what you have seen. Your heart has cried out and asked and your heart has cried out to know the way that I want church to be. Because you heart has asked Me and because you have reached out to Me- I will show you what I long for on this earth. I will show you what I consider church (and it is much different).

So, my young man, keep your heart open- for the days ahead will be much different. The days ahead will be glorious, and will fill My house with My presence. And as My house is filled with My presence, I will bring them in from the North, South, East and West. Many who don’t know anything about church; many who have heard from a distance; many different people will come. But they will come because I am being glorified in the house. They will come because it’s not church in the normal way. They will come because there are hungry people seeking me. There are people looking for answers. There are people in desperate situations. There are people out there who don’t know which way to go. There are so many things that are speaking to them and so many voices calling to them. But My voice will be heard above all. And My voice will speak, and My voice will draw them in. It is the voice of many waters; and will speak to many people; and will cause them to come in: see truth, see My glory, and hunger after Me.

So, My son: get ready! Get ready for these days ahead. I have prepared you a team and prepared you a place. Now it’s My time and My hour to be glorified on this earth. So don’t, again, I say, don’t look at the way things have been. Oh, but look ahead. Look ahead.

And the church, I say to you…

Get ready! Don’t look for things to be done in the norm. Don’t look for things to be as you have always seen them. Don’t get in to the place that says, “Oh, my church did it this way…”. But get into the place that you are saying, “God, I want to do it YOUR way. I give YOU glory. I want You to be glorified in this earth. I will yield to you, Lord and I will say, ‘Have church YOUR way, not my way’.” Many of you have stood out there and have looked at the Word of God and said, “God, what does this mean? How does this work? How does this operate?” Well, your eyes are being opened up. In the days ahead the glory will be manifested on you and you will begin to see.

“Oh, I didn’t understand that… I knew it was right, but I didn’t understand how to move in it, how to flow in it”. But the days of enlightenment are upon you to illuminate those areas so that you will know how to move into, and receive, what God has said. For this is the hour that My church will receive. My church will move out and receive all the promises in the Word. Those who are hungry and those who are thirsty after My truth will get [what they are seeking after]. They will receive the freedom and the liberty that I have told in My Word. For I am not holding them back; not keeping them back. I am moving in the midst of My people to raise them up and be used in this hour in a glorious, glorious way. I will use you in the signs and the wonders as you have read of in the apostles of old. Those things that they entered into and those things that they walked in and those things that they moved in. Many of you have longed to see those things and they have not manifested in your life. But in this hour and in this day and in this move you will see: not only what the apostles and prophets did of old, but you will see My glory manifested in you and through you because this is My time. And I have looked- gone across this earth and I have looked- for a people and have found some people. No, this is not the only church that I have found who is hungry, but you are a part of the move and a part of that people.

You have resisted. You have resisted the plans of the evil one. You may look around and think, “I don’t think I’ve resisted. They look like they are upon me”, but you have resisted. You’ve held steady and you’ve stayed in that place and I will use you. I will use you, so keep that anticipation open- because this house will be filled. Not only will these chairs be filled, but this place will be filled: this property will be filled. I have much plans for this property that hasn’t even been revealed to My son and My daughter. I haven’t opened it all up to them because they were not able to see it; for they have stood on what they have seen so far. But I am about to reveal more to them. I am about to show them some things. I am about to give you [the church] dreams and about to give you visions so that you can see and you can jump in. I don’t want you to stand back and watch from afar. I don’t want you standing back anymore. I want you to participate in it, and you talking it, and doing it and manifesting as the sons of God in this hour.

So look up and be the Church. Yes, My glory is here today. It is here a little bit, but not to the amount that I am about to do on this earth and in this church and through my people.

September 2010 - PVL - Church Not as Normal
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