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Warriors that Know How to Win

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

It’s My breath that I am breathing into My people this morning: to bring life, to bring hope, to bring courage, to bring strength. For these are My days sayeth the Lord. These are My days and these are My times. And I will have My way in this day. I’m bringing life. I’m bringing fresh wind. I’m bringing fresh breath into you this morning, so that you will be strong.

That you’re going to see in a higher place. That you begin to walk in a higher place. That you begin to continually look up, and continually draw from My Spirit, and continually draw from My Word. For my Word has sustained you and My Spirit. My Spirit, as I blow the wind of my Spirit over you, in you, and through you; it brings new life to you. New energy. New Strength. New vitality. To carry out My plans and purposes in this hour.

For I am shifting and changing people. I am putting them in areas they never thought that they would walk in. I’m putting them in new places that they’re not trained for, and in the natural, they’re not ready for. But I am putting in My people the things for this hour. Just like I did when Moses was here. And I put in the trained craftsmen: I put in them My spirit of wisdom. I put in them My Spirit of understanding. I put in them what was needed in that hour. I placed My Spirit in them on purpose so that they could move with Me. So that they could build My temple.

And in this hour My body is being built. And houses across the land, houses of fire, are being built to show forth My glory. So, I’m getting My people ready. I’m getting My people ready to see my face. For I want My people to know Me and to hear My voice. So be ready for the days ahead. Be ready to move and not say, “I’m not skilled”. I’m the one that will make you a skilled laborer.

Warriors that know how to win.

Yes, you will face new dangers. You will face things that you have not faced before. But I’ll show you how to walk around them. I’ll show you how to walk over them. I’ll show you how to walk right through them to where they won’t have any affect on you. That’s the importance of this hour- of you being close to Me- so that I can show you every step of the way. So that I can move you where I need to move you. So I can cause you to have the victory every time.

February 2022 - PVL - Warriors That Know How to Win
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